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The Oregon Thing

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Look, I think what's going on in Oregon is dumb. With that being said, saying that the "militia" hiding out in the bird sanctuary should be treated just as poorly as the protesters in Baltimore or Ferguson is a bad idea. The police reaction in those cities was atrocious and criminal. Two wrongs don't make a ...

2015 is Over

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It's the end of the year. My first inclination is to say that this has been a terrible year, and that if you ranked all of my prior years 2015 would be a lot closer to the bottom than the top. That's all true, but I'm going to find the positive in this year.  This year I ...

Record Store/Time Capsule

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In honor of the whole Small Business Saturday (brought to you by American Express)™ I decided to visit the local record store in Waynesville. It was a big, sprawling chaotically laid-out store that reminded me of the late 90s record stores that sold more trinkets and incense than anything else.  The interesting thing was they had a ...


It's a hell of a thing, getting past whatever semblance of youth that I have and moving towards the soul-crushing inevitability that is middle-age (or whatever that time in a person's late thirties are when the realize that all their rowdy friends have settled down) that serves as the impetus for this blog's creation. ...


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Caveat: this sort of post might not be interesting to most of you. It's more for me. Feel free to not read it, I don't care.  Big moments, people. Maybe not as big for me as for the person that it's happening to, but a moment nonetheless.  My niece graduated high school on Saturday (with honors!) and ...

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