An Anniversary

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So today is an anniversary. Not a happy one, and not a sad one either.

My dad died five years ago, and I'm not broken up about it or sad or anything else. It's just interesting to me to note the passing of time. My dad and I had (and probably even moreso now still have) a very complicated relationship.

There were never classic father and son moments. There was no real practical wisdom shared. He never taught me about the birds and the bees or showed me how to tie my shoe. He did teach me the infield fly rule. He took me fishing once, and he let me stay out of school so we could go see Beetlejuice on opening day. So I guess those are good memories.

Either way, Gary's been gone for five years now. Time's a weird thing, and stuff like that makes you grow up. So I guess that's the big lesson that my dad taught me: how to grow up.

It's a damn shame that he had to die to teach me that lesson.

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