A good, old dog

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I'm exhaling finally.

My dog Chili broke a nail the other night. There was a lot of bleeding and worry, followed by the dog having a loss of appetite and a severe case of lethargy for a few days.After a visit to the vet yesterday, the doctor was concerned about Chili's breathing and his heart. During the time in between then and now, I'd convinced myself that the old man was dying and my wife and I were going to be faced with a terrible decision about Chili's quality of life. 

Chili returned back to the vet's office today, where after some blood work and a few x-rays, we received a preliminary diagnosis of having a 12 and a half year-old Great Dane/Lab mix. An old dog. 

He's old and his back gets sore, but barring anything crazy showing up in his blood work he's going to be alright. A little slow and a bit more gray, but alright. 


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